• I found a love for creating resin art at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. It feels like a lot of individuals found new passions during this time and I think that is an incredible thing. I was (and still am) working full time as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse when all the uncertainty related to this new virus came flooding through and found I was having a difficult time coping with all the added stress. 

  • Working with resin was extremely therapeutic for me during this time. Each piece is entirely unique, there are so many possibilities and having the freedom to create so many one-of-a-kind pieces with my hands gave my mind the break it needed.

    As a way to say thanks for the way this medium has helped my own mental health, $1 from every sale is donated to community mental health services in Manitoba.

  • This little hobby of mine has quickly flourished into an intense love for creating beautiful things for beautiful people, and here we are!  I feel so grateful to have found this medium not only for all the ways it has helped me, but also all the wonderful conversations it’s sparked, individuals I’ve gotten to know and the pieces I’ve had the privilege of making because of it. 

    I hope you’ll find something you love here.  



About the inspiration behind the Resin Rascal collections

The collections are all inspired by special people in my life. The colours, style and overall inspiration encapsulates the spirit of these beautiful humans who mean the world to me.


    sun . soul . shine

    Tia, my sunflower child. I met Tia years back at the Winnipeg Folk Festival and her energy was unlike any other. She is bright and lovely, strong and beautiful, and is the most caring person I have ever met. This collection represents all the light she brings to my life, it is full of sun and soul and all that blooms from it.


    sea . sparkle . serene

    Jess, my first sister. Having known her my whole life my earliest and brightest memories of her are all the times we spent in the water out at the lake during the summer. Manitoba has some of the loveliest blues and you’ll find a lot of ocean and lake inspired pieces in this collection. As well as a handful of pieces that sparkle and shine, just like her.


    goth . gold . glam

    Rachel, my goth-glam gal. Rachel and I sparked an immediate friendship while travelling through Egypt together. I hadn’t know her for long but my heart had known her forever. We’ve easily bonded over tattoos, all things black, The Gremlins and, of course, cats. This collection is a reflection of the gleam Rachel has brought into my life, a bit of black, a bit of gold and a bunch of love.


    creative . cool . carefree

    Ken, my baby sister. A wild heart with an old soul. We’ve always used our creative sides to connect and while this collection originally started with lilac it has grown into a collective of artistic pieces both inspired by - and hopefully soon partially created by - her. You’ll find a lot of diverse pieces here.


    captivating . calm . centered

    Erika, the middle sis. One of the sweetest humans I know, she’s always been so caring, balanced and calm. This collection is made up of mostly white, pearl and champagne pieces symbolic of the peacefulness she brings to my life and I hope these pieces bring a little bit of that to your home.


    the next chapter of the story begins

    I married my best friend in 2021 and the process was both magical and terrifying… but I did get to meet the most wonderful people along the way who helped make the experience so unforgettable. I created this collection so I have a space to create some beautiful pieces for other soon-to-be-wed individuals in hopes to be one of those wonderful people for someone else. You’ll find engagement gifts, wedding gifts, bridesmaid gifts, wedding party favours and more!