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The Rascal

Behind the Rachel Jean Collection

This collection is inspired by one of my best pals, Rachel Jean.

I met Rachel while traveling through Egypt back in 2017 - it was love at first sight to say the least. Between our love of travel and tattoos Rachel and I instantly connected and had never ending conversations throughout our trip. Despite the distance between our homes, our friendship has continued to grow and bloom and I feel so lucky to have her in my life.

The Rachel Jean collection is a handful of glam goth resin pieces that remind me of her. I had an absolutely wicked time creating these items and I hope some of them will be favourites of yours!

Behind the Tia Louise Collection

This collection is interwoven with vibes inspired by my angel, Tia Louise.

I met Tia a handful of years back at the Winnipeg Folk Festival (a 4 day folk music festival full of modern day flower children and sunshine). The best way to describe Tia to someone who doesn’t know her would be to compare her to a sunflower, bright and lovely, strong and beautiful, and always facing the sun, regardless of how gloomy things may be.

The Tia Louise collection is full of light and love and inspired by the energy that radiates from her being. I hope one of these pieces will bring some sunshine to your life!

Behind the Jessica Ashley Collection

This collection is based on my lovely little sister, Jessica Ashley.

Jess, one of my longest and truest friends. I can't imagine having grown up without her by my side. She has always been so supportive, hilarious, moderately inappropriate in public settings and full of love. She's one of the main people that supported me in the creation of this website and my resin journey. I probably couldn't of done it without her.

The Jessica Ashley collection is inspired by her energy, our love of the ocean and me always making her play Bubbles, the blue powerpuff girl, as kids. I hope one of these pieces will bring some light to your space!

Lovely, functional and decorative resin pieces for every space.

I am OBSESSED [with my coasters]! They're so pretty!

Jen G

Thank you sooo much! I'm just looking at all of the products and they are all so beautiful! I can't stop staring at them! Just wow.

Niki B


Sam B